P.A.M. and SUICOKE introduce attractive slippers for shoes, information, running shoes, information, - New Shoes Release 2017
sandals representative brand SUICOKE, and P.A.M. launched a joint cooperation series. The styling is illustrated by model Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey, photographer Mitch McLennan photography in the charming Mediterranean atmosphere of Sicily.

The design of
shoe choice SUICOKE Moto-VS, BOAK-V two type of shoes is modeled, and an increase in the design of thick bottom for women in the series, P.A.M. also brought a bandage to unique structure and brand cooperation both sides Lable.

two shoes are priced at 26000 and 25000 yen, officially listed in May 12th.

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North American manual bicycle show could be the biggest hand built bike party, but what exactly is "hand built"? (hand built, hand built, take a homonym about) according to the literal meaning, the Asian carbon fiber factory production of copycat carbon frame are in line with the words, but here refers to the frame by the industry famous craftsman manufacturing, non production, perhaps the word "customization" is a more accurate description.

let Peacock Groove get this year's North American handmade show "this field best" award is a "Prince" bike. (legendary pop music Prince in April 21st last year in the death of Minneapolis southeast of Paisley Park in

This is the use of the
Prince guitar picks, permanently embedded Paul Components custom made for this project.

Prince symbols over the whole bike.

head Prince pipe located below the Logo brand symbol.

stainless steel ring enhanced the strength of the pipe head.

details determine success or failure.

yes, this is the seat of a custom, and custom gay purple anode tube.

even a pipe clamp has a bottom Prince symbol.

Paul Components Klamper line to pull the brake calipers, does not provide a retail version of the Polish and purple.

following the screw holes in the kettle, the fender screw holes are integrated into the Prince symbol.

it is hard to think of a can describe the details of these words.

gorgeous painting fork.

only to be sensed, not explained!

every time a dove is placed, a dove is recorded on the brake handle. (design dialogue)

How long this dove

/ Silca frame pump, "abortion" for!

handmade brand Cherubim from Japan, the North American handmade Bicycle Show, Japanese brands are relatively rare.

When designing the frame, the
takes into account the installation of the fender, which makes the styling of the fender smoother and more neat.

KMC "chain" is a bit exaggerated.

After the fork shoulder and fender
streamlined, perfect.
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